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NCARB Codes Illustrated

Every one in a wild a get a free code illustration for Nalsa. I’ve purchase a few education material from them. Here is the latest code illustration.


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Glass & Stairs

I was looking through my old photographs of last year and I found this image.


Market Street, San Francisco, near China Town.

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Construction Documents & Services | Time and Schedule

Design Scheduling

Architect is responsible for preparing a time schedule that includes all phases of the production to construction.

Separate the schedule to correspond to AIA  standard agreement, Schematic design, describes the general relationship and space requirements of the project and cost estimate

  • Design Development, preliminary design, outlines specifications. Describe (form, size, materials, structural, mechanical, electrical and etc.)  A preliminary cost is typical at this stage.
  • Construction documents, working drawings, final specifications and final cost estimate.
  • Bidding or Negotiation, receipt and evaluation of bids, addenda.
  • Construction admin, assure the structure is built, review shop-drawings, approve materials, color and approval for payment.

To be continue…..

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    Veteran’s Day | Veteran’s Building

    In honor of Veteran’s Day a picture of the Veteran Auditorium, located in Culver City, California.

    It is my belief that the greatest force for peace is the American Armed forces. Our veteran’s have brought more peace to the world than any other in the history of the mankind. The people who serve in uniform have protected us from thoes who plan to destroy and take our liberty.

    In the 20th century many tyrants arose to take the freedom of whom would put arms down and surrender. Our forces fought many of these oppressors and opened the gateway for what now know as freedom.


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    This sundial is located in Culver City, is on a nice hill the overlooks Culver City.
    It’s a nice area to go walking. There is also a baseball field.





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    Daily Photo | North Hollywood Car Chase

    Another ending of a chase in North Hollywood, it seems we have a daily one around here. I had my camera, not the greatest shot but I wanted to share it.


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    HDR – Park View

    Here is a view from a park in Culver City that I sometimes go to see anything other than concrete. I’ve been taking many pictures of the Landscape but I can’t help with the views and the clouds. I sometimes come here around lunch time. Just to get away from the City.


    Culver View.jpg

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