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@ The Getty Center

The only drawback to taking photos at the Getty is that as a visitor you are now allowed to use a tripod.

So HDR is out of the question, but if you have the time you can take fair shot without it. I would like to go back with a permit or someway to use a tripod.

If you know how to get a permission to use a tripod at the Getty please comment.








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Daily Photo | Playground in HDR

We took the kids to a local park in Burbank, I took a few shot of the kids and my wife.

We were about leave because of the rain. I had the camera on the tripod because we had just taken a few shots, I saw the curved and the colors were so awsome from this view. So I decided to make an HDR. I’ve learning about HDR from a great website (stuckincustoms) he has great tutorials and great images.

I hope you enjoy.

Playground HDR


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Views from Culver City

Culver City, CA
Looking north towards Beverly Hills and Sherman Oaks over the hill

Police Dept. Culver City, CA
City Hall

Samitaur Tower Culver City, California
Samitaur Tower by Architect Eric Owen Moss

Culver City, CA
View of a park

St Ig  front view
St. Augustine Church

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st. augustine church

St Ig  front view

st augustine church, culver city, ca

The church is a nice concrete form building with a nice facade. This is a night, from across the street around 8pm, I was lucky not to have too much traffic.

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